sexta-feira, 2 de dezembro de 2011

Disney Paris

Ok. Let's try it in english again. ;)

I did wanted to go to Disney Paris, but for sure it wasn't my priority. I would go if I had the time and the money, but then, it came up a great opportunity that I couldn't refuse. And I'm glad I didn't. It was a great weekend. Excellent hotel (my first in Europe, by the way), cheap tickets for the parks, good restaurant and a walk in Paris by night as bonus. And very nice company, of course!

I just knew one of my traveler's company (who is the responsible that I am online now as he was the one that sold me my new netbook!, by the way), but as soon as I met the other two and my headache was gone, we got along very well. Olivier is very kind and keep you entertained all the time. Tania is funny and we laughed a lot watching the guys getting lost in the park. "Where is the North? I need my GPS to find the next attraction!"

We stayed at Marriott Village and we had a kind of house just for us: two flors, well decorated and very confortable. I loved it and the price was quite cheap. And there is a bus going straight from the hotel to the parks- it takes less than 10 mins. I totally recommend this hotel!

The parks were very fun, although we can't compare it with Disney in Orlando. In Paris, it has less attractions, but the funniest ones are there. Actually, I liked the most the new park-Walt Disney Studios. There, there is the Hollywood Hotel Tower that is the best attraction ever!!! And it has some nice shows as well. I loved the Animagic and I'm still amazed with the visual effects from Cinemagic.

The both parks look great on Christimas time. It was so beautiful! And Paris as well!!! We went there to have a dinner and to check out how the Champs-Élysées looked like. Amazing! I love so much this city! It feels so good to be somewhere that you dreamed your whole life to be. :)

P.S: Totally coincidence, all my sisters were also in Disney at the same weekend. Unfortunately, very far for me, in US. But I kept thinking about them and wondering what would they be doing at the time. I also remembered a lot my first time in Disney, when I went to Orlando with Taninha, Didy e Marcelo. It was so cool! I miss my sisters very hard, and I have to admit that I miss Marcelo as well.

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  1. Quando estive em Paris, fui no Parque do Asterix (quite french!!! rs) e adorei!!! Queria conhecer a Disney francesa tb!!! Não tem foto com o Pateta? rs

  2. Congratulation!!! You r doing very well writing in english!
    Keep doing it! :)